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Bus from the Inside Out Conversions
Mike Kadletz, Hwybus manager, first started operating buses his first year out of high school, in 1970 (The Pink Bus Line) in Orange County CA. The service ran up and down HWY 39 Beach Blvd., from La Habra to Huntington Beach CA. It was know as the “Beach Bus.” Mike was 17 at the time and has been in the bus business ever since. He started Bus Conversions Magazine in 1991, and began repairing and rebuilding buses around that time as well. In years gone by, Mike built several bus conversions for himself; some called the Moose Creek Motorcabins. This model and concept was a result of having 4 kids, with a lot of friends, which created a need for something that slept many and was, well… bullet proof. He also built several high-end limo buses, (his kids gong to dances) are still in service.
Mike has been buying, selling, trading, operating and brokering buses and bus conversions since 1970. With over 42 years of experience in the bus business, including operating a fleet of 22 buses in commuter service, school bus service, passenger stage and charter service, he knows a little bit about road buses, problems and conversion. And if that wasn’t enough, Mike founded Bus Conversions Magazine in 1992 and published and operated it until 2009. He also wrote the book, Bus Conversions, from the inside out, with over 10,000 copies sold. The Bus Conversions website he started in the 90”s, gets over 1 million monthly page views.
Over the years he has converted or modified hundreds of buses.
From complete conversions and modifications, including such things as cutting an Eagle bus in half and added 5 feet, raising the roof 10 inches and widening the bus from 96 inches to 102 inches in width. He has installed stages on the roofs, sound systems inside, and complete interior conversions.
And, not only did he build them, he used them! Went on 100’s of family camping trips with his coaches, where he found out what worked good, and what did not. To sum it up, many things that can be done to a bus, he’s done. With this experience, he can always give you advice on what works, what may not work, including the reasons why or why not.
Michael Kadletz 562 972 2158 or mail mike@hwybus.com

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MCI Charter Bus ready for RV MH or Limo Conversion

1982 MCI 9 Good running bus, 6V92 turbo with 5 speed standard (stick) transmission. extremely nice body and paint. Inside has had seats removed and some of the...

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6V92 Detroit Diesel Turbo


Detroit Diesel Engine DD6V92 Turbo from MCI bus

I have a pull out 6V92 Detroit Diesel with turbo removed from a great running MCI bus. Will fit many different buses. has a report 50,000 miles on a compete reb...

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4 TV\'s and DVD


4 LCD Monitors and DVD player for bus,

4 LCD Monitors and DVD player for bus, boat, car, or limo. This would also be great for an outdoor living area. Call or text Mike 562-972-2158

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C3 Dash with Gauges and Plugs


C3 Dash with Gauges and Plugs

C3 Dash with Gauges and Plugs Call Mike 562-972-2158

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C3 Breast Plate


C3 Breast Plate

C3 Breast Plate Call Mike 562-972-2158

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C3 Dash Side Panel


C3 Dash Side Panel

C3 Dash Side Panel We have many more parts not listed. Call Mike 562-972-2158

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Yield Light


12V Yield Light

12V Yield LIght Call Mike 562-972-2158

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Driver Side Mirror Assembly with Arm

Driver Side Mirror Assembly with Arm for $125. I also have the Passenger side mirror assembly and many other parts not listed available. Call Mike 562-972...

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Passenger Side Mirror Assembly with Arm

Passenger Side Mirror Assemble with Arm for $125. I also have the Driver side mirror assembly and many other parts not listed available. Call Mike 562-972...

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Detroit 60


Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7 Rebuilt Engine Long Block With Injectors

Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7 rebuilt engine long block with injectors Series 60 rebuilt Detroit Diesel 12.7 long block ready for install into MCI bus or ? $...

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Current parts in stock ready to ship… If you do not see it, call!

| Uncategorized | December 14, 2013


DD 92 series
Starter 24 volt
Alternator 24 volt
Blower assemble with squirrel cages A/C
Radiator Blower assemble with cages
Blower miter box
740 Transmission core  (reverse does not work)
Radiator C3 full rear
A/C compressor with clutch
A/c evaporator
A/C Condenser
Automatic transmission shift tower
Automatic transmission shift cable
Wiper motors
Rear end pumpkin (differential)
6V92 engine core, with good crank, & heads
Fresh DDEC injectors (6)


Passenger windows with frame
Baggage door (Stainless or smooth)
Entry door A3 and C3
Battery door
Complete fuel door
Engine compartment side doors
Engine compartment doors
Marker lights
Wiper arms
Drivers seat
Dash Board with gauges complete
Dash switches
Tilt and telescopic Steering wheel assemble
Outside rear view mirror with arms
Custom built tables for seated buses



Do you need a pair of eyes to inspect a bus or conversion your looking at in Southwest? If so, call Mike Kadletz at 562 972 2158.  40 years of bus industry experience.


Need some input on buses, prices or  bus conversions?  Please give me a call, I have 40 plus years in the bus industry. Mike 563 972 2158

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